Report: New UK 4G-Enabled iPad 3 Coming With Wi-Fi-Only iPad Mini In Tow

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that we've, almost, got a 4G network to call our own, it looks like we might get a 4G-enabled iPad that actually works here too. According to sources speaking to the Guardian, the revised retina iPad will also come packing a Lightning connector, plus the iPad Mini will definitely be Wi-Fi only, apparently.

If true, that means we'll get a revised iPad hitting Apple stores relatively soon in the UK, considering EE's launching its 4G network come October 30th, and it'll likely roll out everywhere else too. Frankly, it makes sense for Apple to consolidate its current line up around one connector, and while it's well known for changing the innards of computers, this will mark the first time a modern iDevice gets changed mid-cycle as it were. Maybe this'll be the iPad 3.5 or something, like the iPod "with video" 5.5G.

Meanwhile, according to the Guardian's various sources, the iPad Mini will come packing just Wi-Fi, which makes sense considering it's targeting Google's Wi-Fi-only Nexus 7. It should also be out by Christmas, with new products anticipated in November according to more sources.

Of course, this could all be utter claptrap, but considering the iPhone 5 supports EE's 4G network here in the UK, there's no reason an iPad couldn't, or even shouldn't. Let's hope that Apple throws in support for the 800MHz and 2.6GHz LTE bands too, so that it'll work on the rest of the UK incoming 4G networks too. If you're going to the trouble of changing it, at least make it support everything, right? [The Guardian]