Rumour: Google Shaking Up The Nexus Programme; LG Producing Optimus G Nexus

By Jon Partridge on at

According to anonymous sources over at, the next Nexus phone will be a joint collaboration between LG and Google, with the two companies bringing forth the "LG Optimus G Nexus", which will also be showcasing Android 4.2 at a co-event in November.

As previously mentioned, LG are now apparently set to make the next Nexus device. With Nexus phones being the so-called flagship Android devices being a thing of the past, any manufacturer can now make a Nexus device as part of the programme, however, they must stick to some pretty strict standards to make sure it gets the Google seal of approval. Still, with this new phone being the posterboy for 4.2, it is still going to have a bit of flagship-esque street cred.

In order for manufacturers to qualify for the Nexus programme, handset manufacturers must stick with stock Android and must have 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming. Custom UI skins will be allowed as part of a brand new "customisation centre", however, there are also additional hardware requirements that are needed to make sure the devices will support Android 5.0, which is slated for Autumn 2013.

What do you guys reckon, an LG produced Nexus device running Android 4.2? Think it can hold a candle to the mighty Galaxy Nexus? []