Samsung Ships Twice as Many Smartphones For Every One Apple Sells

By Jon Partridge on at

The whole world is smartphone crazy with pretty much everyone and their mum using some kind of smart cellular device, and shipments have been sky high in Q3. And it looks like Samsung has been leading the charge with their Galaxy series of devices, with the Korean giant managing to ship over double the amount Apple moved in the same period. Woah.

ABI Research and Strategy Analytics both noted that Samsung took a whopping 35.2 per cent of the market, shipping a massive 56.9 million smartphones in the third quarter. That's more than twice the amount that Apple shipped during the same three months, according to Strategy Analytics, with the Cupertino lot managing 26.9 million units shipped, marking a lovely 16.6 per cent share of the market. Overall smartphone sales have also grown year on year, with worldwide smartphone shipments increasing 32.8 per cent to 155.5 million over the same period.

The likely reason for Samsung's upper-hand in Q3 is the amount of would-be consumers who have been waiting for the iPhone 5, but of course, that did not appear until September 21st, the end of the quarter anyway. Of course, the Galaxy S III is a very strong device, and many users may have switched over from other devices -- Android or otherwise -- to Samsung's flagship. Since the release of the iPhone 5, however, it's definitely going to be interesting to see the sales figures for Q4. Anyone want to place their bets? [RegHardware]