Samsung's Galaxy S III and Note 2 Will Be Vodafone's First 4G Phones

By Jon Partridge on at

Our very own bright red mobile operator has relayed plans that it will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the first 4G handsets on its fresh and fast network when it launches next Spring.

Vodafone has declared Samsung's flagship devices as the bearers of the 4G crown when it gets round to launching the updated network next year, spearheading the 4G enabled line-up. Samsung's well-received and well-selling devices are also part of the provider's "4G Promise" scheme, that enables existing customers to switch to an LTE handset when the rollout goes live.

As long as a customer has been with Vodafone for at least three months, they can pop in to a store, hand over their old phone and walk out with a shiny new 4G enabled device as well as a new 4G contract with 70 per cent knocked off the remaining contract charges. Now that sounds pretty good to me. Of course, this only applies if the phones are returned in good nick, and also only applies to Galaxy S III devices bought on, or after October 26.

Vodafone has yet to dish out the dirt on how much their 4G contracts will cost, but with EE leading the way with their expensive prices, we can only hope Vodafone will be our knights in shiny red armour with slightly cheaper LTE prices. [The Inquirer]