Scientists Don't Even Believe in Science Reports

By Casey Chan on at

You know how every other day a new science report comes out saying this and that gives you cancer? But then a day after it's revealed that the same this and that actually prevents cancer? Yeah. What the hell should we believe in? Who knows because scientists have just found that scientists lie all the time in their scientific findings.

It seems like a fake report straight out of The Onion but it's actually a real study—analysing other scientists' science. Here are the crunched numbers, which tried to get to the bottom of why some science papers get retracted:

The study reviewed 2,047 papers retracted from the biomedical literature through May 2012. To determine the reasons for the retractions, the researchers consulted several secondary sources, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research Integrity and, which investigate scientific misconduct.

The researchers found that about 21 percent of the retractions were attributable to error, while 67 percent were due to misconduct, including fraud or suspected fraud (43 percent), duplicate publication (14 percent), and plagiarism (10 percent). Miscellaneous or unknown reasons accounted for the remaining 12 percent.

67 per cent of studies were retracted because of misconduct! And 43 per cent is because of fraud! We can't even believe scientists anymore! The study of science papers found that those retractions for fraud have increased 10-fold since 1975. We're cheating a hell of a lot more. So yeah, even if something is backed by SCIENCE, it doesn't always mean it's real. [PhysOrg via Geekosystem, Image credit: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock]