Scottish Brewery Creates World's Strongest Beer (That Causes One Massive Hangover)

By Jon Partridge on at

So, they say the world is going to end this year, and it looks like a Scottish brewery has got just the right stuff to celebrate the catastrophic event, with a rather potent 65 per cent beer aptly named Armageddon, which just so happens to (apparently) be the world's strongest.

Scottish firm Brewmeister has created the mean beverage, which contains 37 units of alcohol in a single pint -- twice the recommended weekly intake for a man -- but also says it's quite tasty and flavourful. Made up from crystal malt, wheat and flaked oats, as well as being freeze-fermented to bring it to the 65 per cent volume, Brewmeister says that it's "quite malty, hoppy, slightly sweet" and should be "consumed like a fine whisky".

A couple of these though, and well, I imagine it's not going to be a pretty sight. But at £40.00 for a single 330ml bottle, I think it's also going to cause a massive dent on your wallet too. So, a round of Armageddon tonight then? [Metro]