See Old Man Branson Taught Dubstep DJing by Noisy Youth Skrillex

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as being the first man on Mars, running aeroplane fleets, blogging about trains, owning banks and probably even encouraging his children to make a bit on the side by coldly eBaying their childhood toys, Richard Branson now has a new business venture -- Dubstep DJ.

The hairy entrepreneur was given a short induction into the world of WUB-WUB-CHING-BOOF dubstep music by notable star of the genre Skrillex, who pretended to be quite impressed by Branson's enthusiastic bouncing, vaguely rhythmic head nodding and very occasional pressing of a button.

A button that probably wasn't even wired up to anything, but still. Even Skrillex understands that occasionally humouring the boss is what you have to do to get on in the world. [YouTube via Mashable]