See That Woman Mumbling Into a Sock? She's Using it to Hide a BlackBerry

By Gary Cutlack on at

An amazing hatchet job on RIM's current range of smartphones claims users are "ashamed" to be seen using BlackBerrys right now, as iPhone and Android models become the world's favourites and leave BB users embarrassed about their lumpen old phones.

The incredible bit of RIM-kicking was conducted by the New York Times, which claims one lady it spoke to has taken to hiding her BlackBerry beneath an iPad in company meetings, in case clients should see her outdated mobile and judge in a negative way for using it. Wow.

"You can’t do anything with it. You’re supposed to, but it’s all a big lie," said the lady interviewed, who works as a sales rep for an LA business. The NYT piece is littered with such observations, as it portrays BlackBerry owners as being treated like second class citizens subject to some sort of modern technological apartheid thanks to their choice of mobile phone.

It's the 1980s Skoda of the phone world. The BB London's therefore got quite a big hole to dig itself out of. [NYT via The Verge]