Shooting Challenge #7 Results: Still Life

By Martin Snelling on at

It's getting exceedingly difficult to pick the winner of each fortnight's Shooting Challenge, and this one was no different. Thanks to everyone that took the time to create their images; I can see that many of you went the extra mile. This involved the ‘borrowing’ of their wife’s underwear; stealing children’s toys (may not be true,) and lots of spillage.

So, thanks for all your hard work. A couple of people didn’t adhere to the rules (dates of shots in EXIF date; filesize under 3MB) and so were disqualified -- sorry. Keep to the rules next time, people!

It gives me great pleasure in announcing Adam Westwell as the winner of this Shooting Challenge with his fantastic shot of a ukulele. Everything about the image was perfect; the composition, the lines, the colour, the shallow depth of field. Adam clearly spent a lot of time thinking about his image and setting the shot up, and has won a £750 iRobot Roomba  vacuum cleaner for his efforts.

Here’s how he did it:

‘Photo of my Ohana Ukelele, carefully positioned in front of a table lamp.  Photo was taken from the head of the Uke, with the light illuminating the base.  The photo was taken at this angle to truly reflect the beautiful craftsmanship which still goes into making a smaller, less serious instrument such as the Ukelele.  Despite their comedy sizing, they still have an absolutely fantastic sound.


Photo taken using Sony NEX 5N, with a legacy Olympus OM lens (50mm, f1.4) via an adapter. Photo was manually focused, and shot all the way open to provide a really shallow depth of field, ensuring the curves of the instrument remained sharp.

A small nod in the direction of musicians, techies, and photographers...’

Well done Adam!

High fives must also go to the following (in alphabetical first name order):

Andy Adams

Darius Sirvinskas

James Farley

Milad Gol

Muntzeem Nazir

Nicolas Billy

Thanks again to everyone that entered; all the images can be seen on the Flickr page HERE! What’s your favourite image? Do tell!

As we’re fast approaching Halloween, the next challenge will be, err, Halloween-themed, so come back next Wednesday to find out how to enter.

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based man about town who works in the videogame industry. A keen photographer, Martin shoots on film and digital; he blogs here, and tweets here.