Shooting Challenge #8 Results: Modern Architecture

By Martin Snelling on at

To tie in with Design Week, the last Shooting Challenge was all about Modern Architecture and many of you took the opportunity to photograph buildings around you. What was great about this challenge was that some of you chose to shoot using mobile phones -- with some great results.

Also, there were some similar styles in the way you chose to capture buildings; some of you opted for the vertical, while others captured the curves present in many modern buildings.

However, after careful consideration, chin-scratching, and chewing the end of my glasses while nodding at my monitor, a winner was chosen.

Congratulations this week must go to Richard Minns for his photograph of Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (opened in 1982). Simple, stark, elegant, fantastic lines, and fits the brief perfectly. Like many of the previous shooting challenges, it's one of those images that would make a fantastic framed print.

Here's how Richard captured the moment:

“This is another shot I took of the Milton Keynes Central railway station (I also used this building for the rule of thirds contest).

I really love this building for its modernistic look and feel, even though it is over 30 years old!  It symbolises everything that Central Milton Keynes is about and for me is still relevant when discussing modern architecture.

I shot this image free hand, with my Canon EOS 550D and kit lens, with some slight post processing being done in Snapseed to the brightness/contrast and levels to give it that moody feel.”

There were some great images this week, and as is customary in these challenges, honourable mentions to the following:

George Smith (great silhouetting and colour)

Andrew Wilson (brilliant composition and choice of building)

Ian Hillyard (I love the shapes and use of colour on 4 + 5)

Mike Riddle (fab alternative viewpoint)

Subhajyoti Ghosh (great choice of buildings -- shame you failed to tell us where they were)

Thanks again to everyone that contributed -- all the images can be seen on the Flickr page HERE!

There'll be another Shooting Challenge next week; the subject will be something that I'm guessing most of you will see everyday, and yet, have never thought to photograph. Ooooohhh cryptic!

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