Skyfall's Javier Bardem on the Tube Is the Creepiest Thing You'll See All Day

By Sam Gibbs on at

A whole bunch of new Skyfall images are out, and there's a couple of real corkers, not least an incredibly strange-looking Javier Bardem dressed as a copper riding the Tube. Is it me or does he look creepily camp? What an awesome villain he's going to be.

Oh, and nice mug young Q. No one's going to pinch that in the office; there's no knowing what would happen if you put the wrong kind of tea in it. [ComicBookMovie via TotalFilm]

I could have sworn I parked right here.

Ehhhh, I'm the Fonz, geddit? Kill them.

Wait! Don't let the bus go without me! Damn these public sector cutbacks.