So That's Why Apple's Not Bothering to Make an iPhone 5 Dock

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's just been awarded a universal wireless dock patent that allows an adapter to be slapped onto the bottom of an iPhone or iPad, which then wirelessly links up to a docking-type device. Who needs crappy wires?

You have to wonder, though, with Apple's AirPlay and other bits and pieces, why do you even need an adapter to plug into the bottom of your iDevice? Why not just Wi-Fi or Bluetooth it up? Anyway, maybe that's why Apple's not bothered releasing a dock for the iPhone 5 -- it's producing a straight-up wireless docking solution.

I'll bet all those iPod dock manufacturers would be really jazzed if Apple came out with that thing. Instant redundancy's got to sting. [USPTO via TechRadar]