So That's Why Your Girlfriend Turns Into a Beast Once a Month

By Sam Gibbs on at

When you see adverts for things like Bodyform on the goggle box, you could be forgiven for thinking that women have an absolutely awesome time once a month. Or at least that's what one bloke thought, who then complained bitterly on Facebook. So, what does a brand do? Why fight back, of course, with the most hilariously bitchy video possible. Touché.

The rather tongue-in-cheek complaint was actually quite funny to start with, well, from my perspective at least, but then again so was the response. Bodyform's got some serious metaphorical balls to pull this off; it could have been horrendously smart arse, but hats off to them. It made me laugh at least.

You've just got to love it when brands fight fire with fire, especially when it’s this bloody snarky. [YouTube]