Sony's PlayStation Mobile App Works on Most Rooted Android Devices

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony launched its new PlayStation mobile app yesterday, an all-new way to give Sony some of your money in return for a small range of casual games. Sadly, it only works on PlayStation Certified devices... officially.

However, if you're one of the mass of Android tinkerers who's gained root access to your phone or tablet, it's a relatively simple process to get PlayStation Mobile running on your hardware as well. The full guide, available over at Android Police, will walk you through the process, which basically involves downloading Sony's official PSM APK and installing a couple of additional helper files to get it running.

We doubt Sony will be particularly angry about that, as surely having a load more people to pay a couple of quid for a copy of NUMBLAST can only be a good thing? Although the lack of certification means there's no guarantee games have been tested with your hardware, so they might just... not work. [Android Police -- Thanks Darrell]