Stand Your iPhone Up Like a Cobra and Charge It While You're at It

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wanted to make your iPhone stand up like a Cobra ready to strike? Well now you can, and you can charge it at the same time too. Meet the Une Bobine -- a crappy name, but a potentially useful little cable, which having blasted through Kickstarter, is now on sale.

Basically, it's a USB to dock connector cable (didn't anyone tell them the dock connector was dead?) that's wrapped in a semi-rigid metal gooseneck cable surround, meaning you can bend it into position and it'll stay there. There's also a microUSB version of it for Android phones, but something tells me a microUSB connector might be a bit easy to snap right off.

Anyway, it locks into your iPhone via the dock port suspending it in mid-air, so I wouldn't want to put it anywhere where it'll move about, say in a car, because that'll lead to a smashed iPhone and a whole bunch of tears. Still, it makes a neat little stand and comes in 24-inch and 12-inch lengths for about £23. [BiteMyApple]

Thanks Chris!