STD Cupcake Anyone? Sex Education via Baked Goods

By Sam Scott on at

If you've never heard of 'extreme cake making', here's a deep end introduction. But a small health warning: these particular items aren't for the prudish, or the squeamish. Yuk.

'Miss Cakehead' and 'The Evil Cake Shop' are running a pop-up cake store in London’s Pathology Museum over the Halloween weekend (26th to 28th of October). The exhibit aims to educate the public about gnarly diseases, all via the medium of anatomically correct baked goods! "We’ve had people say it’s the first time they have thought about the risks of getting a disease," says Miss Cakehead. Cakes will be priced between £2.50 and £3.00. Check them out below, if you can stomach them.

Common pathologies of the breast.

Infected toenails.

Coldsore, x x

STD cupcake set, which one do you fancy?

[Eat Your Hear Out/ Tumblr via The Metro]