Step On It! And No Damn Talking, OK?

By Sam Scott on at

We've all been there, the wait for a delayed bus has pissed you right off, so you decide to jump in cab. Then your driver just wont stop chatting about his sodding mortgage or his mum's bloody hip replacement.

Well, London taxi firm, Green Tomato Cars, has rolled out a service that lets passengers put its cabbies on mute. The service works by way of a strap between the seats, which passengers can flick from 'talk' to 'don't talk', depending on their mood.

“Other nationalities have no problem asking our drivers not to talk but we’re typically a nation of reserved people,” said Jonny Goldstone, the managing director of the firm. A survey by ICM found that nearly 40 per cent of Londoners felt obliged to have a chinwag when they'd rather just sit in silence. Finally, we can tell them to shut the hell up without having to even utter a word. [Green Tomato Cars via Evening Standard]