Stunning Promo Code Failure Gifts EA Games to Everyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Gaming giant Electronic Arts handed out a discount promotional code as thanks for completing a survey. Which was very nice of it, but the code could be used more than once, and you didn't even have to complete the survey to use it. A literal gaming gold rush took place once the code hit the web.

The promo code was initially circulated on community site Reddit, which soon filled with stories of how many EA games were baggable with the code, along with lists of titles users had managed to grab for themselves using the broken promotional code.

The discount code had a value of $19.99 attributed to it, allowing gamers to download any game listed on EA's Origin download store at that price for free. EA's servers eventually crashed under the load after around 18 hours of unusual hammering, no doubt saving it quite a few quid during the downtime.

It's a bit like stealing, similar to when cash machines start giving out twenties instead of tens and everyone queues up for a go on it. But is it wrong? Or do we not really care because it's only EA? [Reddit via The Register]