Super-Cellophane Can Keep Veggies Fresh for Months

By Gizmodo on at

A Japanese company has developed an advanced plastic cellophane that promises to vastly extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables and fruit. By preventing the produce from losing moisture and eliminating excess CO2 buildup, Belle Green Wise's new Aura Pack has been found to keep some fruits fresh for a whopping three to four months.

When produce loses moisture to evaporation it can become soggy, unappealing, and starts to rot. But by preventing moisture in the produce from escaping, the new packaging helps it stays crisper and fresher for longer. It also plays a hand in proper respiration, helping the fruits and vegetables shed excess CO2 which can in turn help prevent bruising. So not only does the Aura Pack help produce look its best on store shelving, it can also facilitate long distance transport, allowing stores to stock fruits and vegetables all year round even though locally they're out of season. [DigInfo TV]