The American Armed Forces Have Run Out of Shit To Kill

By Sam Biddle on at

What do you do during a time of looming military budget cuts, war drawdown, and the ascension of robotic warfare? Make stupid viral video meme parodies, of course. Your. Tax. Dollars. At. Work.

The military Gagnam Style videos are all pretty much the sameā€”the dance, the token guy who looks sort of like Psy (Asian), mild homoeroticism, lip-syncing. Save, upload, sit back, laugh.

The Air Force did it.


West Point did it.


Some future Marines did it.


The Coast Guard did an appropriately lame version.


Even the Merchant Marines did it! And no one really knows what a Merchant Marine is.

Now all we're missing is a Gagnam Style video with a bunch of CIA targeting analysts in a drone control centre.