The BBC Is Working on a Free Spotify Rival, an iPlayer for Streaming Music

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the success of the BBC iPlayer, giving licence-fee payers free access to the BBC's content online, the Beeb's trying to do the same but for streaming music. "Playlister" will apparently allow you to stream hundred of thousands of music tracks without having to pay a penny. Free streaming music? Yes please.

Details beyond the above are a bit sketchy still. Apparently Playlister will take the form of a Spotify analogue, with a vast library of tracks ready to stream on demand. Interestingly, the BBC is seemingly in talks with its potential rivals like Spotify too, to try and negotiate some sort of content sharing deal. That would help the BBC avoid the "stop trampling all over competing services" shouts that would likely come if it just went ahead and blitzed the other players in the market with the unbeatable price of free. Well, no extra fees, we're paying for it through the licence fee, I guess.

Of course, the BBC already has deep relationships with music labels, thanks to the plethora of radio stations it operates, so perhaps Playlister will leverage those grab streaming rights too? Whichever way you swing it, if the BBC is able to provide licence-fee payers (that's everyone in the UK) with free music streaming, I'm certainly not going to argue. Let's just hope Playlister makes it onto phones as well, then Spotify really will be in trouble. [The Telegraph]