The BBC Launches a Dedicated iPlayer For Radio

By Sam Gibbs on at

Fancy a spot of BBC radio but don't actually have a radio? Now there's an app for that. The BBC's just rolled out a brand new iPlayer Radio app and website so you can catch up or stream live radio wherever you have a connection, and even get it to wake you up in the mornings too.

Basically, the BBC's taken what was available radio-wise as part of the original iPlayer and moved it all into its own dedicated web app and iPhone/Android app. It's got all sorts of feeds and things to get connected with other people too, and will eventually give you some sort of direct access to the DJs behind the boards.

The webapp is available at, while you can grab the free iPhone app from iTunes. The Android app isn't finished yet, but there is one on the way, while other improvements such as offline caching of radio shows and other bits and pieces will be coming down the pipe soon.