The Daily Express Shows Huge Tech Ignorance With "Bring Down The Internet" Hurricane Claim

By Gary Cutlack on at

"Experts" quoted by the Daily Express claim that the internet as we know it could be taken out by Hurricane Sandy, thanks to a doomsday scenario that doesn't really tally with how the internet actually works.

The paper quotes "Technology expert" Brian Proffitt, who claims that flooding, power cuts and general chaos could overwhelm any emergency power provisions server farms in the path of the storm might have in place, which might eventually lead to "the internet" failing completely.

We think what Brian means is that some people in the area might have problems getting online for a bit, and some sites might be down for a bit, which is rather different from claiming a hurricane could destroy the entire internet.

To be fair, though, there are some high-profile tech casualties already emerging. US news site Huffington Post is currently half broken and running on a barebones template, while the US version of Gizmodo and the rest of the Gawker portfolio is currently offline, thanks to power cut and flooding at its data centre in New York.

We understand Jesus Diaz is currently on site with a plastic bucket and is frantically bailing out the server room as we speak. All should be back up soon. [Express -- Thanks Darrell]

Image credit: NY&NJ Port Authority