The LG Nexus 4's Going to Be Pretty Damn Cheap

By Sam Gibbs on at

The worst kept, now-postponed secret in the tech universe at the moment, the LG Nexus 4, has just been priced by in-store tickets on the UK high street. Apparently it'll cost just £390 off network, which for a flagship phone is mighty cheap.

It'll also be free on contracts from £31 a month, which we already knew, of course, but considering this is the high street-price, I suspect that it'll be much cheaper than £390 before long online. This is Carphone Warehouse after all.

It looks good, spec-wise, has an interesting outer shell, comes with all the backing of Google's Nexus series, and should be pretty cheap -- I'd say LG's got a winner on its hands with the Nexus 4. Let's just hope that hurricane buggers off soon so we can get a launch and finally bag one of these potential beauties for ourselves. [Android Authority]