There's Simply No Hiding If You're On Facebook

By Sam Gibbs on at

A husband has tracked down a man, who allegedly raped his wife as a school girl, using the power of Facebook alone. If you're on Facebook, and someone wants to track you down, there really is no escape.

A Maidstone court heard how the unnamed husband, tricked the now 27-year-old Andrew Marsh into revealing himself, by claiming he was organising a surprise party for his wife. The ruse worked, tracking down old friends and leading the husband to confront and beat up Marsh, and later to convince his wife to report the rape to police that happened back in 2001.

It just goes to show, that in a world connected by Facebook, there really is no hiding any more. No matter how far you move away, you're always connected by those old 'friends'. In this case, that could turn out to be a good thing. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Facebook from Shutterstock