This Gargantuan Slingshot Crossbow Is Taller Than You Are

By Eric Limer on at

Slingshots aren't just child's play, especially when they have a draw-distance greater than the height of several small children. Joerg Sprave is no stranger to crazy slingshot cannons, but he's really outdone himself this time with one that's longer than he is tall.

This new, ridiculously long rubber band crossbow is one of the strongest yet, ejecting its steel ball projectile at 69 metres per second with a whopping 162 Joules of energy behind it. And it better be powerful if you have to look that silly (but like, silly in an epic way) holding it. And if that's not enough, Sprave also has a bullpup-style rig that can dual-shoot arrows hard enough to pierce a car. I can think of a million reasons no one should ever let me near any of those, but I'd kill for some hands-on time, and probably wind up killing as a result of it. [YouTube]