This Is the First Full Iron Man 3 Trailer, and It Doesn't Disappoint

By Sam Gibbs on at

We were given a sliver of a teaser yesterday for Iron Man 3, yes a teaser for a god damn trailer, but now the full thing is live and it’s a true corker. We've been waiting for what seems like so long, but now the best Avenger is back.

Wow, it's a bit different from what you'd expect from previous metal-man outings. None of the brash, off-the-cuff humour we're used to from Stark and co. No, this is Iron Man pushed to the limit. The gloves have well and truly come off, well, until they home-in and automatically lock on again, that is. Now that really is awesome.

Reactions folks? Is this Iron Man as you've always wanted to see him, or is the lack of wit and humour a potential deal breaker? Surely it must be in there somewhere, right? [YouTube via Gizmodo Australia]