This Is What a 30,000HP Hybrid Rocket Engine Looks Like On Full Burn

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Bloodhound SSC, a British project that's aiming to take the land speed record up to an insane 1,000mph, showed off a full test burn of its brand new hybrid rocket engine, which spits out about the equivalent a colossal 30,000HP. This thing uses an F1 engine just to run the fuel pump.

Skip to 18:55 in the video to see the burn; it's over in mere seconds, but what you’re looking at there is more than a tonne of rocket fuel spat flaming out of the back. The F1 Cosworth V8 engine drives an old cruise missile pump to dish up the fuel, at an absolutely frightening rate.

After this successful test proved everything was A-OK down in Cornwall, the next stage is to bolt that thing into the project's supersonic car and let her rip. The crew will make an 850mph run next year, with the full-blooded 1,000mph attempt in 2014. [Bloodhound SSC Cisco TV]