This Is What It's Like to Photograph the Wreckage of Fukushima

By Eric Limer on at

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima was a horrible tragedy for all involved, and like its precursor Chernobyl, it left behind a hollow husk surrounding it. Photographer Donald Weber, who also documented that most famous nuclear aftermath in Ukraine, travelled to the Fukushima buffer zone, to capture what he could. VICE went with him, and made this haunting little mini-documentary out of the footage.

The results of the trip are about what you'd think, except about twice as haunting. There are post-apocalyptic scenes of empty streets, eeriely abandonded houses, and even a corpse. Given the recent admission that the whole thing was avoidable, it's interesting—and depressing— to take a look at what the aftermath looks like. [VICE via The High Definite]