This Mathematical Cabinet Brings Fibonacci to Your Living Room

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The Fibonacci sequence can be found all over the natural world, so why not welcome it into your home as well? Beyond having a clever mathematics foundation, this modular Fibonacci cabinet also just looks nice.

Designed by a studio called Utopia, the Fibonacci cabinet is inspired in part by the tradtional Chinese storage units for medicine, which are similar, but in which all of the drawers are the same size. Utopia put a spin on the idea by instead making the drawer sizes adhere to that famous sequence, at sizes of 50mm squared, 80mm, 130mm, 210mm, 320mm, and finally 550mm squared. The drawers are modular, so you can move them around, but there's really only one way to stack them all up right.

The cabinet seems to be available for sale on Utopia's website, but there's no price listed; you have to inquire. That being the case, it's probably one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" type deals. Nonetheless, it's a pretty neat exercise in bringing a natural mathematical concept to something like storage solutions. It definitely beats the hell out of identical plastic bins. [Utopia via Designboom]

This Mathematical Cabinet Brings Fibonacci to Your Living Room

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