This Pointy, Swivelling TV Was the 84-Inch 4K Flatscreen of Its Day

By Jamie Condliffe on at

You're looking at the height of TV technology from the 1950s. Perhaps the most kitsch, retro object you've seen in a long time, the Kuba Komet was the 84-inch 4K flatscreen of its day -- and just as expensive.

Manufactured in Germany between 1957 to 1962, this thing's giant, pointy, swivelling case conceals 8 speakers along with a record player, a radio, and a TV tuner in the bottom cabinet. There was also, apparently, an option to include one of the first ever tape recorders -- and even a remote control.

It was over 1.5m tall, weighed 140kg, and had a giant price tag to match. New, it cost around £625. In 1957. That makes the £20,000 Sony 4K TV seem about right on the money. [No Pattern Required via Retronaut via BoingBoing]