This Test Will Tell You Whether It's Worth You Actually Doing Any Exercise or Not

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your genes control more or less everything your body does. From building muscle and dealing with stress, to burning fat and even how tall you are, it's all in the genes. Now there's a new genetic test available, which will tell you whether you're likely to actually benefit aerobically from exercise with just a simple cheek swab.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to do exercise and benefit wildly from pounding the pavement, for instance. They get fitter and healthier, but quite a lot of people doing the same thing just don't get much aerobically fitter, and that's due to about 30 genes. This new test looks at those 30 genes, and can tell you whether you'll really get any fitter from simple exercise.

Of course, the test won't tell you whether you'll lose any weight, just that you won't build aerobic fitness, and therefore endurance. It's amazing that we've come far enough that a simple cheek swab of cells can tell you so much, even if we are in the infancy of genetic testing. The test is technically available "over the counter", but it'll set you back 199 smackers, so perhaps it's not for your average Joe on the street. Then again, if you need an excuse to get out of PE, £200 might be a very small price to pay. [XRGenomics via NYT]

Image credit: Exercise from Shutterstock