Updated Mac Mini Added to Apple's Rumoured Mammoth October 23rd Range Refresh

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new version of Apple's cute little Mac box is also on the cards for its imminent hardware refresh, meaning pretty much every Mac laptop and desktop, as well that iPad mini, ought to be seeing a new release of some sort at the end of the month.

Sources quoted by 9to5Mac claim we'll see two new standard Mac Mini models, plus a third configured to run as a server, much like Apple's current three-pronged Mini range. These should appear alongside the 13" Retina Macbook Pro we're also expecting Apple to show off at the end of the month, plus a possible return for the iMac name.

There also ought to be a huge stack of iPad Mini models shown off at the event as well, plus, from a UK perspective, we should see an updated iPad 3 with LTE hardware for us to use on EE's imminent 4G network. Hopefully they'll all hit the Apple store after the announcement, too, as is often Apple's way. [9to5Mac]