Valve's Ready For You to Test Its Crazy New Hardware

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard Valve had new hardware in development, both insane looking and, potentially, a more mundane traditional "Steam Box," but now it seems it's ready for the general public to start testing its secret stuff.

Valve's thrown up a survey, which apparently will see participants chosen to test some hardware outside Valve. They'll also get to test "both released and unreleased versions of our games," which sounds a lot like testing Portal and Half-Life with new control peripherals, or possibly even a new hardware box.

Right now, Valve's only looking for people local to it in Seattle, but the prospect of testers slightly further afield is on the horizon. Let's hope Valve needs a bit of localisation help; I don't know about you, but I reckon there's a whole legion of people in the UK ready to, err, help out. Now, where are those fancy gaming goggles we saw you had all prototyped up there Valve? [Valve via Develop via Kotaku]