Watch Out Disneyland, the UK's Getting a Brand New £2 Billion Theme Park From Paramount Pictures

By Sam Scott on at

Paramount Pictures, home of Iron Man, Star Trek, and, err, Shrek, has revealed plans to build a £2 billion theme park just outside of London. The mega park will be twice the size of its Olympic neighbour, and aims to rival Disneyland Paris (a mere two hours away by train). The UK is finally getting something to rival Universal Studios in the US.

As yet there's no definitive list of films that'll feature as attractions; Jackass 3D has my vote!, though. Rides and attractions in the pipeline do include 'Titanic 4D', which will use cutting edge special effects to give visitors the feeling of really being on the ship, but probably not drowning, and a 4D Mission: Impossible ride, that will put your action hero nerves to the test; anyone for clambering up the side of a building?

The mega venue will be home to Europe’s largest indoor water park too, along with theatre and music venues, cinemas, restaurants and hotels. The Swanscombe site is just east of the Dartford Crossing, and developers reckon it will create 27,000 new jobs. Project leader Tony Sefton told the Daily Mail, 'Our vision is to create a world-class entertainment destination, the first of its kind in the UK'. Sounds good to me. Now, how about a mega roller coaster-packed British version of Busch Gardens to go with it? [Daily Mail]