Watch This Mind Melting Time Lapse That Combines Night and Day in the Same Frame

By Casey Chan on at

Here's a wonderful tweak on the always reliable time lapse: splicing night shots and day shots into one single frame. Meaning, you'll sometimes see the buildings at night and the people in the day time or cars at night while the buildings are lit by the sun. It's a visual mind melter.

Created by Philip Stockton, the time lapse is stunning. He used a Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, and 7D to capture all the footage and spliced together the different shots with months of post production work. He says:

New York: Night and Day is a combination of non-traditional video time-lapse and animation. I filmed day and night scenes from around New York City and combined them back into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques. The piece explores the relationships between night and day, by compositing together scenes shot in the same location over a time period ranging from 4 - 8 hours. I hope you enjoy it.

It's like seeing the same world we live in but from a completely different perspective. Like stumbling upon some hidden secret you weren't ever supposed to see. What is real life! Are we always on drugs? [Vimeo via PetaPixel]