We Should Turn All Phone Booths Into Aquariums

By Casey Chan on at

Though most payphones are now of the open air variety, this idea of converting old closed kiosk phone booths into aquariums is just plain brilliant. People only use payphones to pee in and do drugs, let's transform 'em into pillars of nature!

These aquarium payphones are being created in Osaka, Japan by a Japanese art collective known as Kingyobu. I just love the idea of repurposing old technology into something completely different.

We Should Turn All Phone Booths Into Aquariums

The artists seal and waterproof the phone booth and then fill it with water, add in an aeration system and drop in plenty of goldfish to swim around. It's definitely a sight to see. I would love to see these aquariums on city streets instead of walking passed that awful putrid smell of horrors that phone booths are currently known for. Check out more pictures of the art project here. [Kingyobu via The Atlantic Cities via DVICE]