We're All Doomed -- Zombies Have Invaded CERN

By Sam Gibbs on at

What if the search for the 'God particle' inadvertently caused people to mutate. What if those mutated people suddenly got a lust for flesh, human flesh? Zombies? At CERN? Oh god, this is what the end of the world must look like.

That's basically the premise of Decay a zero-budget film shot with borrowed DSLRs and homebrew rigs by a bunch of PhD students, including our very own Manchester University-based SixWays.

The feature-length flick, filmed on location at the LHC, is due out in a few weeks, but for now we've been treated to this pulse-racing trailer. If the rest of the film looks this good, we could have an underground hit on our hands. I always thought the LHC was going to bring the end of the world, I just thought it'd be from a black hole, not bloody zombies. [Decay]