What Would It Take For You To Go Sky-Diving From the Stratosphere?

By Eric Limer on at

Surely by now you've heard someone say "Man, with balls that big, I'm surprised Felix Baumgartner even fit into that capsule." You can't deny it, he'd need some serious balls jumping from the stratosphere is just as insane and frightening as it is awesome.

But maybe some you of think "frightening" and "insane" is actually "exhilarating" and "something I totally want to do." So, that being the case, what would it take for you plunge to Earth at supersonic speeds? Would someone have to pay you a million pounds? Would you pay someone a million pounds? If given the option of jumping or dying in the fetal position, I think I'd reluctantly choose the latter. How many of you out there think you would have the guts to try it?