What's Your Opinion On Apple's Bounty This Week?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Apple's keynote megabus rolled into town, Tim Cook stood on the top-deck blaring out superlatives for the new iPad Mini; "powerhouse" fourth-gen iPad; super-thin iMac; super-fast Mac Mini; the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro, updated iBooks, and more. Sink your fanboi teeth into the meaty comments field, below, and let's keep those wheels o' chit-chat turning.

iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know.
The iPad Mini is here. It's a sleek, thin and light 7.85-inch tablet made of anodised aluminium and glass that follows the format reduction pioneered by Google and Amazon. Read More >

Apple’s Fourth-Generation iPad Is a Powerhouse with New A6X Chip.
As well as dumping a new iPad Mini on us, Apple also unveiled the fourth generation of its iPad, which they described as having "twice the performance and new features, at the same price." Read More >

What You Need to Know About the New Fourth Generation iPad
Sure, today’s mostly about the iPad Mini, but Apple just announced a new fourth generation full sized iPad. It’s a lot the same, but some key things have changed. Here’s everything you’ll want to know about it. Read More >

13-Inch MacBook Pro Gets a Retina Display.
Great news for anyone who’s lusted after the gorgeous retina display on the MacBook Pro but has been hesitant to drop the best part of two-grand or make room for a 15-inch laptop. Read More >

Apple’s Mac Mini Finally Gets Some Love.
Apple's smallest desktop, and server of choice for advanced home users, the Mac Mini, has finally been given some love. It's basically a spec bump, but it's been well over due. Read More >

Apple’s New iMacs Are Crazy Thin.
Apple has defied that assumption that the desktop is on the outs and dropped refreshed super-thin iMacs at its event. Read More >

What Is Apple’s Fusion Drive?
While introducing the new ridiculously thin iMac, Apple also revealed the new Fusion Drive. What is it? It's a new storage system that supposedly combines the best of SSD and HDD. Read More >

Apple’s Got New Lightning Cables Now for Your Other Gadgets.
But however you feel about Apple's dumb, expensive adapters, you're going to need new cables at some point. Apple's got them for you now. Read More >

There’s a New Version of iBooks with Synced Pages and Continuous Scrolling.
The latest version of iBooks is available to download from today, and features continuous scrolling, and its own iCloud-enabled version of Amazon's Whispersync. Read More >

The iPad Mini’s Guts Are Basically an iPad 2.
Apple's new iPad Mini is here, with all the attendant fawning. But strip away the smaller size, and what is it really? A tiny little iPad 2. Read More >

What Is Friction-Stir Welding?
To create the new iMac, Apple’s thinnest desktop yet, the designers used friction-stir welding to going the aluminium body. Unlike arc welding, the more standard way to fuse metal plates, a friction stir just needs a good rubbing — and a few thousand kilos of pressure — to stick together. Read More >

iPad Mini Hands-On: Not As Small As You Think
The brand new iPad Mini is pretty much everything we expected but how is it, like, in real life? Apple just let the tech world go hands on with the iPad Mini and most agree: it’s not as miniature as you’d think! Which is a good thing. Read More >

Watch Apple’s iPad Mini Video with All the Details on the New Tiny Tablet
Here's Apple's video breakdown of its new iPad Mini. It's all the stuff you expect from an Apple video — white backgrounds, impressive engineering details, Jony Ive saying al-oo-min-ee-um — and gives you a pretty up close look at the new tablet. Read More >