Why I Never Want To Get a Text Message Ever Again

By Eric Limer on at

A few years ago texting was the bomb. It was quick, easy, way better than having to open yourself up to an actual back-and-forth conversation with someone, and perfect for surreptitious communication in class or meetings or whathaveyou. That said, I'd be glad to never get a text message ever again.

It's not the principle of sending short, textual messages I'm opposed to; I still love that. It's the part where those messages show up on my phone and... no, just my phone. Admittedly this is getting into first world problem territory but bear with me:

Yesterday I got a text from a friend. My phone was on the couch, so I got up from my desk and checked it out to find it was a link to a YouTube video. Naturally I clicked it, and sat there staring at my phone screen for a few minutes.

OK, so what's the problem? Well, when that text came in, I was sitting in front of my dual-screen computer setup, with a tablet within arm's reach, and suddenly I'm across the room glued to a phone — the tiniest screen I own — all because my buddy sent me a text instead of a tweet, an email, or a gchat. That sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at him for sending me a text. I'm just frustrated to be in a situation where a text message is anything other than a last resort at getting in touch with me. Sure text messaging was the way to touch base when I met most of the people in my address book, but it's not anymore. At least not for me. I'm not about to brandish my email address and twitter handle at every old pal who wants to send me a quip, but I sure am going to stew about having to look at my phone when they do.

Look, I get that texting is a pretty universal solution; by now pretty much everyone who has a phone can get texts and keeps that device on their person, or at least in earshot. I'm just yearning for a world where I don't get any phone-only messages, and I just wish my old college pal who wants to catch a beer after work was on the same page with me; I hate having to curse his name every time he texts me.

Image credit: Shout from Shutterstock