Will the iPad Mini Be Apple's Attempt at an Ereader?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's an interesting titbit that leaked out over the weekend. It looks like Apple might be targeting the iPad Mini squarely at those who love a good book, oh, and probably at education too. Is the iPad Mini Apple's Kindle killer?

Apparently Apple has a brand new version of iBooks waiting in the wings, as at least one App Store listing marks iBooks 3 as a requirement, which means it should arrive tomorrow along with the iPad Mini and various new Apple hardware. The interesting thing is that the book extract itself doesn't fully work in the current version of iBooks, meaning this isn't just a typo.

Apple's bumped the resolution of its full sized iPad to retina levels, which means text is super sharp on its dense display; there's no reason to doubt Apple will pump out a similar level of pixel density on the new Mini. With iBooks 3, Apple's education-aimed textbook schemes, and the smaller, more book-sized form factor, the iPad Mini could be Apple's real assault on the ebook market, and therefore Amazon's Kindle line. [iGen, TNW via 9to5Mac]