With a Playable NES for a Head, One Vinyl Toy Is Not Completely Pointless

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The words 'vinyl' and 'toy' should never have been put side by side. At least not when it comes to describing those plastic miniature sculptures that are most often used as cubicle decor. But we'll make an exception for Hannes Hummel's Super Gigan, which has a tiny playable NES for a head.

The artist started off with a Qee vinyl toy, but he replaced the head with a miniature monitor. It's packed with the modified guts of a GameBoy Advance that can run an NES emulator. The artist is a little vague about how you actually get the games on the screen. But there's a chip soldered onto the GBA hardware, so it's a safe bet the toy can run the games as ROMs.

The figure can also be used to play videos and even surf the web, but with a classic NES controller tethered to its noggin, it's all about the classic gaming here. [Cargo Collective via Notcot]