Woz: Chill Out, Fanboys

By Sam Gibbs on at

Not only is Steve Wozniak a living tech legend, he's also a voice of reason. Yes, he started Apple with Jobs, and yes, he still loves the company and its products. But he also likes Android, and thinks everyone should put down the pitchforks and just get along, for the good of gadget-kind everywhere.

In his Q&A session on Slashdot the other day, he took the time to remind folks that bickering over rubbish like the phone fanboy wars is just stupid:

“It’s better to think constructively about what can be done with our mobile platforms to improve our lives more, rather than trying to throw darts and insults.”

Hell, as someone who uses everything, from Windows to OS X, Android to iOS and even Windows Phone (sorry BlackBerry), I think he's got a point. Honestly, who cares what OS your phone is running, just as long as it's got Skype, a browser, and plays Angry Birds -- surely we can all get along?

Now, if we could just get Apple and Samsung to stop suing each other, the world would be a much better place for gadget lovers everywhere. [Slashdot via Slashgear]

Image by OnInnovation under Creative Commons license