WTF.UK? What .UK Domain Names Would You Register?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being in charge of domain name registration have decided we might want a new UK one, with the proposed naming format up for inclusion as a possible future UK web address.

The move would take the UK in-line with Europe and ditch our dependence on the slightly cumbersome extension we're currently lumbered with, although the new .UK domain would be more expensive to register and require some burden of proof about the business or entity actually being located inside the UK.

Nominet says the change and increased ownership fee would cover "daily malware scanning" of the new domains, together with the implementation of a new Trust Mark to reassure readers they're where they think they are and haven't been surreptitiously redirected to a credit card theft portal.

Nominet's running a three month consultancy on the plans to introduce the new .UK domain, which you can take part in here. [BBC]

Image credit: UK domain from Shutterstock