You Can Now Rent ITV's Ad-Free Back Catalogue on the ITV Player

By Sam Gibbs on at

After hearing that ITV wanted to start selling shows to you, ITV's catalogue is now online and ready for your hard-earned-cash renting. Want to see that classic episode of Stingray? That'll be 99p please. Fancy watching a whole series? Boxsets are available to stream for 90 days for around £5 a pop.

The new ITV player is live now and in beta, and ITV's even said that some episodes will hit the online player before the goggle box for some particular TV shows -- a first for British TV. Worry not, catch-up content will still be free, and annoyingly ad-supported.

Let's hope ITV turns its attention to the crappy PS3 and other streamers' implementations of ITV Player next -- that thing is an embarrassment compared to the BBC iPlayer. [ITV Player via Broadcast]