You Can Use Emoticons In Facebook Comments Now T_T

By Jesus Diaz on at

Oh noes. Facebook has activated emoticons in the comments. That means that now your Facebook page will get full of all kinds of smileys. And, for some reason, sharks.

The emoticons are not available for your own status updates or your own posts yet, just in the comments to those posts. Facebook didn't have this feature before: emoticons were only available in private messages and chat.

But now the doors of hell have opened. If your friends really hate you, you are about to get invaded with these ugly faces in the comments to all your posts. And yet, I wish they supported the full emoji. And inline animated GIFs. And the blinking tag.

You know, because I just want my Facebook page to look like the MySpace page I never had.

Sadly, they don't support emojis. Just their crappy emoticons. If you need a guide for these, you can check it out here. Go ahead. Go to our Facebook page and try the hell out of it. [The Next Web and FBsmileys]