You'll Lust Over Porsche's Laser Cut Pen More Than Its Cars

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There's no love lacking for Porsche's high-performance vehicles, but compared to Lamborghini's or Ferraris, they don't always have that wow factor. At least not like the office supplies the company designs. The P'3115 LaserFlex pen from Porsche Design has a laser-cut interlocking stainless steel body that expands and contracts when the ballpoint tip is deployed.

Is it nothing more than a party trick? Absolutely. Does that make it any less impressive? Absolutely not. The extra care in design here makes this one of those mundane objects that has the potential to occupy your attention for longer than it should. Unfortunately, because it's a Porsche, you'll be spending £400 on this fine piece of autographic engineering. [Porsche Design via Acquire]