10 New HD Freeview Channels Coming to Sweeten 5G Terrestrial Retune

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plans to clear up the UK's airwaves once again to allow future 5G services are already underway, with Ofcom and the broadcasters hoping to tempt us to upgrade our kit well in advance by offering a range of new HD channels.

The future retune of the terrestrial system will see it moved away from the 700MHz band it currently uses, so that range can be divvied up and sold off to form the UK's future 5G mobile network in 2018. This means yet another series of upgrades and retunes are on the way for the poor UK telly watcher.

The BBC, Channel 4 and communications infrastructure company Arqiva are therefore hoping to to use the 600MHz spectrum to offer an interim digital TV network using the DVB-T2 encoding format, tempting users to switch by offering up to 10 additional HD channels, ensuring that quite a chunk of the population would already have the relevant new hardware come the next mass national retune. [Ofcom via Cnet]