4oD App To Get A (Possibly Gok Wan Approved) Makeover

By Chris Mills on at

Good news for commuters, people with really slow internet and the 4G-less majority - the 4oD app's getting a serious makeover, with the notable introduction of offline viewing and live streaming.

Channel 4's building on the success of 4oD, which they say is used by a third of young people in the UK. The new 4oD app, which will be Android and iOS only at launch (there there poor ickle WP8) should be hitting in 2013. There are a couple of big new features: offline viewing (which will be ad-free as well, a pretty nice touch); live streams of C4, 4+1, E4 and More 4 (which will be ad-supported, sadly); and Pause and Play, which is basically cross-device synchronization, meaning you can pick up watching on your phone where you left off on your TV.

It's a definite step in the right direction, and a clear response to the ongoing upgrades of the iPlayer app, which recently saw offline viewing make an appearance. Now, if Channel 4 can just cut down on the management-speak - they called the new revamp "a package of benefits being offered to its viewers for their participation in a viewer engagement programme". And I thought they were just being nice to me. [DigitalSpy via Techradar]